dep-minMr. J.C. Alawathuwala
Hon. State Minister

Assembling all the administrative units around the Government’s concept of Good Governance while dedicating towards establishing a people oriented and accountable public administration system within the country has been the bounden duty entrusted upon the Ministry of Home Affairs.

While facing the challenges of the new millennium, it shall be the sole objective of the office of the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs to assure that the public money will be utilized in the development process of the country and to assist and to provide active contribution in diverting the development benefits towards the rural level via district secretariats, divisional secretariats and GramaNiladhari offices, institutions directly involved in the development process and various other individuals, which would otherwise have been enjoyed only by the upper strata of the society.

Executing its responsibilities efficiently and effectively to assure the transparency in interactive functions between the citizens of this country and the officials in the public development initiative which is based on financial policy accountable to the people of this country has also been a majorresponsibility assigned upon us. 

Accordingly, it is further assured that extending necessary assistance to carry forward the Good Governance based development process of this country has been the prime objective of the State Minister’s office.

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