President Maithripala Sirisena says the present government’s aim is to create a public service sans corruption, fraud and malpractices and political culture without family rule and nepotism. Majority of the people approved this policy at the recently concluded Presidential Election as it was pledged in the Election Manifesto. The President assured that he is committed to make the public service more quality oriented and efficient.

The President made these remarks at a ceremony held at the Polonnaruwa Royal College yesterday (11) to felicitate him by the Grama Niladhari’s Association of the Polonnaruwa District.

Speaking further, the President emphasized the fact that he will never field his brothers or children to contest any form of election. The President also pledged to grant Justice of Peace designations to all Grama Niladharies as a measure to encourage them to render quality and humanitarian service to the public.

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Responding to a motion presented by UNP MP Buddhika Pathirana, Minister of Home Affairs Vajira Abeywardena on Friday announced that a certificate of absentia would be provided for those who have been reported missing as a replacement to the death certificate.

“How would you issue a death certificate for the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim persons and others who were reported missing in the country?” questioned UNP MP, Buddhika Pathirana. He inquired as to what action will be taken if benefits were obtained from the issued certificate if these persons return.

Minister of Home Affairs ,Vajira Abeywardena noted that there are many such persons in the country. And at a time when the relatives do not accept that the individual is deceased, under section 110 of the Registration of Persons Act , it has been proposed to the cabinet, to introduce a certificate of absentia.

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