Scope of the Division 

Ensure the effective and efficient infrastructure development in District and Divisional Secretariats as a motivational factor for the working staff and as well as to facilitate convenient and productive working and service supplying atmosphere both to the employees and public which enables the employees to deliver quality service towards the general public and thereby to enhance the quality of the life of general public.

Duties of Development Division

  1. Procurement Management related to building construction.
  2. Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan & Action Plan for constructions in relation to the Capital Expenditure vote on Building Constructions. There by allocate the funds to District Secretariats as per the plan.
  3. Monitor the Physical & Financial Progress of the projects under which funds are allocated from the Building Construction vote and follow up progress of those projects while assisting with the required guidance whenever necessary.
  4. Preparation of Annual Action plan for the Rehabilitation & Improvement of Capital Assets in District and Divisional Secretariats & monitor the progress of those activities to ensure maximum & efficient utilization of funds allocated for each activity to certify the quality of Constructions, Buildings & Infrastructures.
  5. Implementing the timely & quality procurement activities which involves with the contracts related to Building Construction that exceeds the total cost estimate of Rs.100 million while ensuring the value for money, transparency with adherence to the public procurement procedure.
    • This shall basically involves with 

      • Preparation (Drafting & Submission) Cabinet memorandum related to building constructions.
      • Holding CAPC, MPC & TEC meetings and coordinating with these corresponding committees as Procurement Entity.

      • Convening and coordinating the meeting & preparation of procurement document.

      • Obtaining the progress of such procurements & Monitor the progress while influencing the activities to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the process.

  6. Furnish the Progress Reports, Procurement Reports and any other details in relation to Construction & Development Projects that are directly implemented or handled by the Development Divisions as well as the District and Divisional Secretariats to respective agents such as Treasury, Finance Ministry, President Office and Prime Minister Office etc.

  7. Obtaining & evaluating the construction requirements related to the Building and its related Infrastructural Development from District & Divisional Secretary levels which are to be considered in procurement & fund allocation planning.

  8. Management & coordination of matters related to construction of Buildings and Infrastructural Improvements in District & Divisional Secretariats.

  9. Implementation of Public Investment Programs related to capital projects.

  10. Implementation & review the progress of Nila Sewana Construction.

  11. Implementation of Nila Mehewara programme under the guidance of Honorable Minister.

  12. Coordinating & involve in Construction & Infrastructural Development related forums with different stake holders & institute to discuss & solve matters related to Construction & Development matters.

Head of Division

Mr. W.M.A.P.B.Wanninayaka
Additional Secretary

Telephone : +94 112 050 390 [Ext: 1510]
Fax :+94 112 551 068
E-mail : addlsdev[at]


K.D.C.S. Kumarathunga
Senior Assistant Secretary

Telephone : +94 112 050 391 [Ext: 1511]
Fax :+94 112 551 178
E-mail :  sasdev[at]

Assistant Secretary

Telephone : +94 112 050 392 [Ext: 1512]
Fax :+94 112 551 178
E-mail : asdev[at]

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